Do You Need A Compensation Consultant?Do You Need A Compensation Consultant? The time will come when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place at work.  Your ability to produce project deliverables will be challenged by staff shortages, multiple projects simultaneously...

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Do You Value Your Customer-Facing Jobs?Do You Value Your Customer-Facing Jobs? Have you ever walked out of a store because of poor customer service?  Or felt frustrated because the company representative at the other end of the phone did not seem to care?  Or after enduring a bad...

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Why Managers Don't Manage PayWhy Managers Don't Manage Pay When an employee is promoted to their first manager’s position, they are given the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom – your company.  They now have the authority to spend your company’s money.  From...

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I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Chuck on a number of different projects that support my client needs. His responses are always very timely and overall project results are strong. Most importantly, his recommendations are met with good feedback. Chuck’s compensation expertise, especially as it relates to executive and expatriate work, is very strong.

Stacey Berk, President
Expand HR Consulting
Chuck has provided us with outstanding service on international compensation projects and we’re delighted to have him on our team. The depth, accuracy and scope of his analyses and recommendations have consistently delighted our clients and exceeded their expectations. Chuck always demonstrates a stellar work ethic and a great deal of resourcefulness, flexibility, good judgment and willingness to go the extra mile to not only “get it right” but to ensure that our clients have everything they need to be successful in their organizations. We are pleased to give him our highest recommendations.

Alan Freeman, Chairman & CEO
LOF International HR Solutions, Inc.
Chuck is the rarest of compensation professionals, one who can combine the best of his technical expertise and business acumen to design and implement compensation programs. In addition, I often use him as a sounding board on non-compensation related items.

Doug Peddie, Director of Compensation & Benefits
Orange Lake Resort & Country Club
I am pleased to recommend Chuck as a senior compensation professional with deep US and international experience. Chuck is an excellent, collaborative business partner with a focus on practical solutions and a good understanding of employee issues.

John A.K. Lowe, President & Principal
Hilltop Global Associates, LLC
Chuck is a great partner and collaborator. He has an excellent knowledge of European compensation and benefits, having been an expat in that region for five years. I have also had the opportunity to work with Chuck when he was in the US working in Corporate Compensation. He was very detail-oriented and technically knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with Chuck, both professionally and personally.

Ann Humbert, Director of Total Rewards
Pitney Bowes
When Chuck and I had our first conversation via email regarding my need for a detailed analysis, he immediately comprehended my needs, timeline, and budget. Not only did Chuck provide me with a detailed analysis, he was on time, and also provided any necessary follow-up conversations regarding my inquiries.Would I recommend Chuck, Yes! Would I hire him again, Absolutely! Thanks, Chuck!

Gina Verdi, VP Human Resources
Health Market Science
Chuck is a seasoned rewards specialist with an enormous amount of practical experience. Chuck wants his contribution to be successful and effective. He wants it to work. That means that he looks further than just the specialists, his immediate clients. He looks at how managers and employees will view it. How it is used in practice. That means that his expertise goes beyond just rewards. It is about communication and getting buy in. Last, but not least, Chuck is candid. He will tell you if something is not right or wise. Even if he knows it is opposite your thinking. He is one of my favorite advisers and I highly recommend him.

Maja Roosjen, VP Performance & Reward
Sanoma (NL)