Do You Need A Compensation Consultant?Do You Need A Compensation Consultant? The time will come when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place at work.  Your ability to produce project deliverables will be challenged by staff shortages, multiple projects simultaneously...

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Do You Value Your Customer-Facing Jobs?Do You Value Your Customer-Facing Jobs? Have you ever walked out of a store because of poor customer service?  Or felt frustrated because the company representative at the other end of the phone did not seem to care?  Or after enduring a bad...

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Why Managers Don't Manage PayWhy Managers Don't Manage Pay When an employee is promoted to their first manager’s position, they are given the proverbial Keys to the Kingdom – your company.  They now have the authority to spend your company’s money.  From...

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Global Compensation Consultants

CMC Compensation Group global compensation consultants expertise lies in helping companies manage the effective and efficient utilization of employee remuneration. We work with clients across the globe, whether their operations lie across the street, across the horizon or across multiple time zones.

We specialize in providing direct, value-added contributions to our clients. We will provide you with the unadorned, unvarnished full service story: the what, the why, the how, and then what you can do about the challenges you face. Read Compensation Consultant Info

We are not the “Answer Man” with a shopping bag of ready solutions. We take the time to know your business, to learn the background and cultural environment you operate in; our recommendations are customized to your situation, not taken off the shelf or rehashed from a previous client project.

We become your problem-solving partner. Our goal is always to

Create Solutions that deliver Business Success